Live Live Selflessly Not Selfishly

I believe I’ve experienced love before, but not a love like this. Today was only my second full day in Argentina and I have fallen absolutely in love! I have fallen in love with the people, the sights, the school, the food, the hospitality, and the smell. Everything about Bella Vista, Argentina is so incredible. The only thing I have not fallen in love with yet is the language…yet!! It’s beautiful, but seems incredibly impossible to ever pick up on. During these few days, the first lesson I have learned is being capable of adjusting. Adjusting is being able to be able to change certain aspects about a schedule or even yourself, and being flexible with whatever difficult situation you may come across. I’ve had to adjust to many different situations and surroundings before. I changed school my freshman year and I go to camp for two weeks at a time, all of those situations made me adjust my life style and my daily schedule. But nothing prepared me for the ways I’m going to have to adjust here.

Adjusting to Argentina has not been as difficult as I imagined, but once we are able to successfully handle a situation, nothing is really as difficult as we may have made it out to be. So why be harder on ourselves than we need to? Adjusting to any situation can be extremely hard on you emotionally, mentally, physically, and if you’re not careful it can take a bad toll on your body. So first and foremost, you have to take care of your body and know your limits. Being able to adjust to a new families customs and culture has already begun to teach me how to be more and more selfless. During this month I have to learn to live to their schedule and be able to fit right in and be a literal sister to Juan, Belen, Mechi, and Tute and daughter to Javier and Mariana. Being able to live selflessly is a trait that seems to fade away in many people’s daily lives. In the fast paced world in the United States (not America) there are things that YOU need to get done when YOU planned for them to be done and YOU cannot deviate from your plan. Once we learn to live selflessly and not selfishly than we can begin to see the true beauty of a situation. And the true beauty of my situation is that I am in an incredible country, have an experience of a life time and living with the most incredible family that I have ever met. They love me so much and take such good care of me. There is true beauty behind every different and difficult challenge in your life, learn to embrace it and find the good and the beauty in it.

Everyone is unique, I am unique and so are you. All of our situations in life are doing to differ. But no matter what your situation is, living life selflessly will only lead to immense happiness. I was so nervous to be in this country, but finally putting everything aside and facing my fears, I love everything about it and can’t wait to share more of my experiences and lesson with everyone.


-Chloe Glass

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