Esperanza y Vida

Life here is just different. All of the students of the exchange program have been stripped of almost everything they have ever known in order to improve themselves in another language and their own life in order to see, understand, and experience the beautiful simplicity of this country and the fast paced world of the United States. Besides learning Spanish a major part of this program is Pastoral, which is just service. I have never in my life been so excited to go out and serve because I have never seen the type of lifestyle that we are able to serve.
In order to set our minds right for service, our coordinator in Argentina took us to a meeting with the group leaders of Pastoral where we all had a small prayer type service. During this service we chose two words that represented service in our life. The words I chose were Ezperanza y Vida (Hope and Life). At that moment in time, those two words spoke volume to me about what my service experience should be life. I never really knew why I chose those words until Wednesday morning.
The coordinator from my school and her husband has been with us during our first week to help us become accustomed to living in Argentina. It has helped so much having two incredible people that we can talk to at all times. I have always looked up to this teacher for all the amazing life lesson she had taught me, and I have never met a more compassionate and godly woman, or couple! On Wednesday we had a breakfast with the school principals to talk about how our experience has been so far. It wasn’t until I heard the passion in her husband’s voice about his experience in Buenos Aires that I finally understand why I had chosen hope and life.
Colegio Santa Ethnea is the school we are attending and the families from this school are more than incredible. I have never seen such and amazing family atmosphere that is always light and happy. But not all of Argentina is like that, once you step outside these families and Colegio Santa Ethnea it can be a crazy world. We attend pastoral with our brothers and sisters and with this service we give all those people hope in life. Hope to change their life around, hope to see all the good in people and work for their goals. Service has always been important in my life, but I have never been so invested in servicing everyone until this week when I finally understood what I want to continually get out of service.
Without hope, people have nothing. And to be able to install that into a person’s heart can be absolutely life changing. It can be life changing for them, but also for the person that is doing the serving. There’s nothing greater than to turn someone’s life around and show him or her the good in the world. So I challenge everyone reading this to find out the things you want to get out of service. With a purpose everything can become more efficient. Serving is a two way street; when you help a person see light, they somehow manage to open your eyes and show your more things about yourself than anyone ever could.
-Chloe Glass

Esperanza y Vida

2 thoughts on “Esperanza y Vida

  1. Chloe, just fascinated with your blog! It´s so incredible! Congratulations! Very sensitive and deep thoughts. Nice to see this experience is so inspiring for you. Hope to see you soon back in BA. Best regards from Madrid!


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