Just An Update

I officially survived a week in Argentina. It has been such an incredible and eye opening experience so far. I never realized that one culture could be so different from another, yet be almost the same. It’s a different language and different customs. But when it comes to family, friendship, love, and happiness, those are elements that you never see fade out of human nature. Seeing the love that one friend has for another, or the love that a mother has for her children, is not a new aspect of life we have all had to learn being here. It’s the one thing that is so comforting being here. Despite the drastic cultural differences between the United States and Argentina, it helps knowing that I am so loved by my family here, the friends that I am with during this month, my Argentine sisters and all of her friends.
Being here a week and a half, I have started to fall into a schedule. Monday through Friday I wake up and go to school. School consumes a huge portion of our day. We attend classes with our Argentine brothers and sisters and then in the afternoon we go and visit the younger children. School is a lot more chaotic here, but there’s definitely some order to the chaos. There’s not so much stress placed upon the students here. The school actually has a really interesting English program. School normally ends at 12:45, but if you attend the English classes then you go until 4:00. But they’re not just English classes when you sit and learn the language. They participate in actual courses like Math, Business, and History. However, these classes are actually taught in English. The school has students from 2 years old until seniors in high school, so it gives all students the chance to become bilingual because there is so much emphasis put on learning another language. It’s really interesting and something that I wish we incorporated more into our schooling system.
On the weekends, the girls usually get together and go to the hippy markets and get to go to all of the booths and find the cheap and unique trinkets to bring home. I might or might not have gotten a dreadlock last weekend….sorry mom and dad. But we also get to go and see different parts of the city. Last weekend we were able to go to Palermo and San Isidro. Buenos Aires is so stunningly beautiful and the views that you get to witness are incredible. This upcoming weekend we go on a city tour and get to see even more incredible sights like La Boca, Downtown Buenos Aires, El Tigre, and the US Embassy. This experience is starting to become one that I don’t think I could ever forget.
A huge thanks goes to my incredible parents, Kacee and Woody for giving me this opportunity. I could not have been more blessed with two best friends that support me in everything that I want to do in my life and giving me the chance to mature and learn more about myself with this incredible trip. I couldn’t imagine having better people as my parents. I love you more than you could ever imagine. I am so extremely grateful for the things you have done for Grace, Grady, Cooper, and me. I love you too so much and can’t wait to see you in two and a half weeks.

-Chloe Glass

Just An Update

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