Someone I Love

Senior year has been pretty easy to settle into. But the first couple weeks are always the easiest. In my English class we’ve actually been working on a really interesting assignment on the side. We were supposed to bring a picture of someone we love, and the after we chose a person that we loved we then has to write a one page paper about that person. We had to share a story about them, talking about the qualities that they posses, and then we had to explain the things that we have learned because of that relationship with that person.

This is the picture that I chose to share….



This is one of my most valued pictures that I have with my sibling from when we were in San Francisco. I ended having to choose one person to talk about for my English assignment. I chose my sister Grace, simply for the fact that she is the only sister that I have and I am extremely close to her because we have gone through the same experiences and disappointments. But my goal is to end up writing about everyone that is in this picture.

Grace Sheridan Glass: My Sister

                Growing up in a household with four kids under the age of five was a stressful time for my parents. Being so close in age caused many fights between my siblings and I. Jealousy became easy because of the triplets; especially my sister. When I was six years old, the evil genius in me finally figured out how to get her in trouble. I knew bed time for the triplets was dreadful for my parents, so one night I snuck into their nursery, found my sisters bed, woke her up, then proceeded to teach her how to climb out of the crib. After forcing her to walk into my parents room, she was in so much trouble, and I began to feel a sense of accomplishment. But as the night went on and the guilt sunk in I began to realize that this was my only sister, the only sister I would ever have. I thought I had ruined our relationship forever, and she would always hate me. Turns out, by the next day, my naive and innocent little sister gave me a hug, forgave me, and honestly just didn’t remember what had happened the night before.

That experience with my sister; though long ago, still shows the kind of person she is. While it is so easy to be quick to anger, she somehow strives to see the good in every person. Watching her grow up has shown me how caring and motherly like she is to all people, and how easy it is to do that. She is a caregiver to all people and all living things. I believe this world is better because of people like her, she is so smart; naturally a genius. She will be someone who changes the world, and watching her grow up and seeing those qualities in her brings me so much joy and excitement to see what the future will hold for her.

When I am with Grace Sheridan, she teaches me to be patient, to be kind, and to be loving. As we become older we spend more and more time with each other. She never allows me to say anything bad or negative, even about her. Having such a close relationship with her has taught me to be a better role model, because of this relationship and the way my Mom tells me she looks up to me, it makes me strive to be a better person, to uphold that standard that Grace has so I never disappoint her. Never disappointing her leads to greater conversations and more trust between us. She also teaches me to love God with my entire being. She has such a childlike love for God and helps me realize that it really isn’t that hard to believe and live a Christian lifestyle.


That is my sister Grace, one of the greatest things that has ever come into my life. I’m so blessed to have someone like her in my life to teach me all of these things. I could never ask for anyone better. Thank you Grace, for everything.



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