The Busy Life.

It would be easy, they said…

My senior year started and I felt as if I haven’t had time to rest and enjoy it. From practices, homework, and more importantly college applications. Life is stressful and hectic. When things become stressful it can be hard to look at the brighter side. There are days where I could not be happier to finally be a senior; on the other hand, then there are days where facing the fact that I will be in college next year makes me want to curl up in a ball and go back to the second grade, when life was easy. In the last two weeks I have quickly come to the realization that it’s time to accept the fact that I am growing up, leaving soon and learn to embrace it.

As of right now, I pretty much have my life figured out for the next year. But I know that everything is not going to be how I will want it to be. I have started applying to colleges…well one college that I really hope I get accepted into. It’s really scary, and I know I’m speaking to many seniors out there when I say applying to colleges can be intimidating. It’s taken up a lot of my time and has distracted me from writing on my blog. It has pulled me away from something that I love. Coming back during the exciting yet scary time has calmed my nerves about getting accepted into college.

If you’re stressed about the rest of your life and college find something that you love to be your escape. When I write, it helps me. Whether it be reading, writing, running, knitting, finding something that you love that no one can ever have power over or take away from you can give you so much power and control in a time when your fate is in someone else’s hands. At the end of the day, there is more to life than stress you are living it. Worrying about ACT’s and GPA and admission status, drama, or co-workers it really serves you no purpose. Everything can and will eventually fall into place. Find something that you love and distract you from that business and stay with it. You never know what can come from it. My blog started off as a simple way to communicate with friends and family easily while in Argentina, and has turned into an outlet for my brain to think and my opinions and ideas of my life to form. The forming of those thoughts causes me to take action and practice what I preach about my life. It makes me accountable. Find something to make you accountable.

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