Who I am and Why I Am Here

As everyone knows by now, I started this blog during my trip to Argentina. It made it so easy for my family and friends to keep up with the things I was learning on this trip. Since this blog has taken off, I have fallen in love with it. But one thing that I began to realize is that people who have recently been keeping up with my blog really have no idea who I am. With the new year and a new phase in my life… adulthood (Yes, I officially turned 18 today..yikes!) I want to turn this blog into something greater in 2015.

I have also realized that I think I struggled keeping up with my blog this first semester of my senior year because ever since I’ve been home I have had no idea where I want to go with this blog. I often feel that I don’t have anything interesting to be talking about once a week. A couple of weeks ago I was reading through some of the blogs that I follow and I found a free class sponsored by WordPress to help bloggers expand their blogs and help them reach their goals. Each day is a new assignment and today’s is working on  introductions of ourselves to help us connect with our readers and to expand our blog into something greater.

Now that I have reached people who don’t know who I am… here is an Introduction to Uniquely Chloe.

My name is Chloe Glass and I was born and raised in Oklahoma. While it is your stereotypical fly over state with nothing to it but farms and land, I couldn’t be happier to call this place home. My family and my faith are the most important things in my life and are the driving forces behind all that I do in my life. I want to take people on a journey with me in my blog. I am finishing up my senior year of high school, and cannot wait to share the things I learn when I start college. This blog has helped me learn many things about my life and what I believe in.


I am the oldest child in my family and when my brothers and sister were born, it forced me to grow up very fast which caused me to become a very independent person. I was raised and taught to love who I am and to never let anyone tell I’m something that I’m not. That’s why this blog is so important to me. I love sharing things I learn with other people, so they can learn to be independent and love themselves. This blog has taught me to be unique and I hope that it teaches you that too..unique

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