When Pleasing Others Isn’t Enough


In eighteen years I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to be a good friend. There’s so many great cliché quotes about being a true friend:


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But at times, I feel like friendships are too diverse to be cliché. To me, those aren’t always the definition of a true friend.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned in friendship is that you can’t please everyone. It’s so easy to want to please everyone in your life, but in reality, that is an extremely unobtainable goal. Everything that you do in your life is to please another person. I go to school and get good grades to please my parents. I go to sporting events and dinner with my friends to please them. I go to my boyfriend’s house to please him. I play and joke around with my siblings to please them. Everything that we do is to somehow make another person happy with our decisions.

But what happens when that isn’t enough?

When it happens, it sucks. I’ve gone through that a lot this year. I’ve lost friends because what I was doing for them wasn’t enough. You can’t waste your time trying to please people that no longer care what you do. That’s becoming a puppet to their needs and wants. When you start feeling that way, it’s time to start doing what you want to do.

When you stop worrying about pleasing others and start doing things that make you happy. You will see that your true friends will enjoy seeing that you’re happy. Your true friends don’t need to be pleased. They don’t stop being your friend because you stopped doing something that you once loved and they still do. A true friend will love and be happy with whatever you love. Catch those friends and hold onto them, it’s the greatest thing that you could ever do for you sanity. You also can never forget to thank your true friends. When someone decides to love you for who you are and don’t like being your friend for the things that you have and the things that you do, that’s worth thanking.

In return, try to be that true friend. Go out of your way to be someone’s true friend. It’s hard, because at times it’s so easy to be selfish. But go be a true friend.


Thank you Tia Loni for being my best friend the last 18 years.

“Some friendships do not last, but some friends are more loyal that brothers”. -18:24


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