Wow, college…. just wow. I honestly cannot put into words how I really feel about the college experience!

I guess I’ll start off with, GO FROGS!!


I’m actually obsessed with my university. I think it is absolutely the most wonderful place on earth and I could not image myself at another college. The people and the atmosphere are just so incredible. I actually cannot put into words how amazing this place is.

I’m obviously biased.. but if you are currently looking into college options! Please contact me and TCU and come and visit. This place has the potential to change your life. I fell in love with TCU the second I stepped foot on campus Spring Break of my Junior year and I never looked back at that point.

I mean, college is definitely a little weird. You go from spending your whole day in school, and most of the time you’re sitting there just twiddling your thumbs. But now, I’m lucky if my teachers even use the whole class period and then you’re thrown out of class and have to decide how you want to spend your day. It can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out what schedule works for you! You just got to try a bunch of things out the first couple of weeks until you get the hang of it!

One really exciting part of MY individual experience was that I went through recruitment and ended up falling in love with a house that I decided to join!


Now that I’m officially a college student. I will be starting my college series which I am SO pumped about! This can honestly be for anyone, but I really recommend this series for high school students that are trying to figure out what they are looking for in a college! But my first couple of posts will be about my recruitment experience and the truth behind how I felt about the week!!

I’m open to any suggestions!

But there’s just a little update about my life and what’s been going on. I honestly feel like there’s no time to do anything crazy with this blog right now. LITERALLY NO TIME! I’m just jotting down all this crazy stuff at 12:15…(sorry mom, I’ll get to bed soon!)

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