My Recruitment Experience


My Top 10 Thoughts During Recruitment: 

  1. What did I just sign up for?
  2. Alpha Beta Who?
  3. PNM!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? (what is that)
  4. Why are the yelling at me?
  5. Get me out of this break round..
  6. Please send help!
  7. This is a freaking cult!
  8. I don’t remember anything she just said….
  9. She has no idea what she’s talking about..
  10. Mom, where are you?


Since I grew up in Norman, I always associated Greek Life with the “ideal college experience.” I really grew up believing that the only way to be social and have friends in college was to Go Greek!

So,  going into recruitment at TCU was a little nerve wracking. I had absolutely no idea what to expect and I felt ten steps behind the game because I only knew two girls on campus that were in a sorority. Recruitment was by far the longest week of my life, and I personally do not think that that recruitment was very fun, at all! Anyone that tells you it was the best time of their life is lying….

You wake up early every day, put on your make up, put on your favorite outfit and get ready to compete with 1,000 other girls for a spot in a house. You then spend five full days talking to strangers, sitting in a break room for hours at a time. In those break rounds, you are then forced to socialize with girls that just try to intimidate you with all of their “connections” into every sorority on campus. It was truly dreadful.

Every day I went back to my room and cried because I was just too overwhelmed with everything. Your day is consumed with talking to girls you don’t know, and you are trying your hardest to sound cool and make them think you are the greatest person alive. Plus, throughout your entire conversation you’re hoping that they love you just as much as you love them, and that isn’t always the case.


Let me stop real quick…

I ended up a Kappa Alpha Theta after recruitment. I could honestly not be happier with my final result. I get to spend every day getting to know some of the greatest and most genuine girls I have ever met. Throughout my recruitment week I never doubted how I felt when I walked into their house. I COULD NOT be happier. While I’ve been talking about how long the process was, that’s just the way the process works. You are competing 1,000 girls for a limited number of spots in a house…. it’s just the game.

Back to recruitment…

Going into recruitment you just have to continuously keep an open mind. In the end, you are going to basically get cut from every house on campus except one. There are going to be disappointments and there are going to be heartbreaks. You’re going to get cut from a house that you thought you had a great connection with and you’re going to wonder what else you could’ve done. But, why sit there and be upset over someone that could decide you weren’t right for them after a 20 minute conversation?

You’re also going to get asked back to houses and wonder how in the world that happened. NOTHING ABOUT THE SELECTION PROCESS MAKES SENSE…. and it never will.

Every time I called my mom crying. I was never really upset or disappointed in how my day week. It is just an exhausting week, your emotions get all screwed up. You really don’t know what to think after day one…


It’s a long week and the process is weird and hard and there’s really no way to describe it. But please go through it. You learn more about yourself than you could ever imagine. Plus, once it’s over…….college seems like a piece of cake! I made some of the greatest friendships from recruitment week. My friends went a million different directions. I’m really lucky to go to a university where there is SOOOO much more to college than Greek Life. The process is worth the end result, even it that end result is not being in a sorority!

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